About MVS

In 1938 Lloyd Merritt DVM and his wife, Jennie, opened Merritt Veterinary Supplies, Inc. in SC to provide pharmaceuticals, biologicals and equipment to other area veterinarians for the care of livestock and other large farm animals. The operation began in a building behind their home in Sumter, South Carolina. The Merritt family ran the business by themselves up until the late 1940's when they added their first outside sales representative.

In 1949, Dr. Merritt passed away and Jennie assumed operation of the family business. It was then that Lloyd Merritt, Jr. began helping his mother in the warehouse while still in school. After graduation from college and two years of service in the Army, he officially joined the company in 1964.

Lloyd Merritt, Jr. started in the warehouse, refamiliarizing himself with the business and inventory. One year later, he took to the road to open up the North Carolina sales territory. This venture was very successful and he continued to work as a salesman until his mother retired in 1973. At this time, Lloyd Merritt, Jr. took over as President of Merritt Veterinary Supplies, Inc.

Over the years, the company has grown considerably. The corporate office relocated in 1996 to its present site in Columbia, South Carolina. Prior to this move, they opened their second distribution center in Birmingham, Alabama, followed by a third center several years later in Longwood, Florida, and more recently a fourth distribution center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Merritt offers a comprehensive line of products sold exclusively to licensed veterinarians throughout the Southeastern United States. The company is known for its expansive list of biologicals, pharmaceuticals, bioequivalents, diagnostics, white goods, and equipment. Many of these products are considered staple items in the veterinary field, while other products are exclusive to Merritt and only available to their customers.

What started as a two-person operation for area veterinarians has turned into a multi-level operation with over one hundred employees, including support staff, numerous Territory Sales Managers and Customer Service Representatives. There is a high level of expertise among the staff at Merritt and an eagerness to provide unparalleled customer service.

Merritt's customer service center features a team of veterinary technicians who are prepared to assist their clients with product knowledge, literature, promotions, and order fulfillment. Territory Sales Managers are always available to schedule appointments designed to help veterinarians and practice managers facilitate the growth of their practice. At Merritt, every customer is partnered with one or more Customer Service Representatives and a Territory Sales Manager.

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